there and gone again

bleeding from phantom wounds waiting for someone who’s never coming crying for the loss of a love never had impossibly¬†predictable predictably infuriating infuriatingly beautiful, this man. yet I’m still.. raw from cuts left by words missing the point screaming at sadism disguised as love lovely masochism masochistic loneliness lonely pragmatism lies to me. Advertisements

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I still

you make me hate you, and I still want you. you make tears well, and I still need you. your words are needles in every sore spot, and I still have to have you. your hands are like fire on icy skin, and I still think it feels good. you kick me when I’m down, […]

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I’m a writer; a purveyor of sorts, but I really only write to satiate my own restless mind. I write about love, unlove, and the nastiness that sits maliciously in the silence between the two.